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Showbook Week 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012, 3pm to 9pm
Secret Location: Announced via Email
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Defining Showbook Week 2012

  • Up-to 6 Creative/Art Directors ready to look over your work in preparation for NICHEFIVE and the rest of your careers. 
  • Limited to only 36 designers, junior creatives and artists who have a book for show

In Short: A one-on-one opportunity to have with an Art/Creative Director of your choice over your books. Be it creative or technical. You are given only 45 minutes to juice out as much information, input, thoughts and direction. You have the opportunity to engage, exchange and connect details. Just by registering to Showbook Week; you will have your spot reserved among the 150 bobbling heads at NICHEFIVE

What is NICHEFIVE ?  
A locally run portfolio review & internship night for visual artists, designers and recent graduates in areas of media, design, interactive, interior/industrial and contemporary arts. Powered and presented by padpholio. This is a social engagement, an interactive night of attitude and persona. Past attendees have come out with on-going contracts, paid internships, jobs and lots of inputs by seasoned creatives and developers.

Attending NICHEFIVE will perk you up, upload and showcase your work on padpholio (private beta). Where it will normally will cost you to subscribe to get unlimited defining moments to BE web found and sooner noticed by agencies; will be our compliments to you for just attending NICHEFIVE.

LASTLY but not least, who the heck is padpholio ?  
padpholio is a portfolio engine for creative professionals and graphic designers. We help you get web found a lot easier and sooner noticed by agencies. We know how difficult it is for graphic designers to be ranked, noticed on the world wide web. And the fact is; most agencies have difficulties locating you. We heard the industry and developed a cure for obvious pain. Signing up is totally free and only takes a couple of minutes. Upgrading requires you to attend NICHEFIVE; whereby you will given all you can handle benefits and features to get your work and efforts recognized while we grow with you. padpholio is in test beta status and your input, thoughts and suggestions will be appreciated, considered and credited. |


  • April 14th till 20th - Showbook Week 2012
  • May 1st - NICHEFIVE Pre-Party (TBA)
  • May 8th - NICHEFIVE

Showbook Week 2012: Art/Creatve Bios 

Digital Media Lead & Partner, at Mind Fern Inc, with a healthy passion for the digital world.

Specializing in Digital Strategy, Website Design & User Experience, Social Media Integration & Strategy and Rich Media Campaigns for Web & Mobile. During 5 years of experience, had the pleasure to work with international clients like Tribal DDB and Leobernet on international brands such as Snickers, Bourjois, Quaker Oats, VW, Monopoly, Samsung, Lipton and many more. 

The Key in succeeding in this business is communication and fun. "Creative ideas flourish best in a shop which preserves some spirit of fun. Nobody is in business for fun, but that does not mean there cannot be fun in business." Leo Burnett


  • Saturday, April 14th [CLOSED - THANK YOU]

Diego has been in the graphic design and communications industry since 1994. In 2002, he founded Casco Design and Communications. He has since built a team of talented designers and strategic thinkers, and continues to expand their portfolio of great work for including award winning corporate identities, advertising, signage and websites for government and private entities. 


  • Friday, April 20th [SOLD OUT]

(Details to follow soon)


Kelly Kirkpatrick is a creative director with over 10 years of experience in advertising, editorial, branding and film. Kelly was the winner of 3 National Magazine Awards and 2 Advertising & Design Club of Canada Awards. Her work has been featured in the Communication Arts Photography Annual 2010 and Applied Arts Magazine 2009 Awards Annual. She currently is the creative director at BlueBand Media, an award winning consumer marketing agency that develops cross-platform digital campaigns.


  • Saturday, April 14th [CLOSED - THANK YOU]
  • Monday, April 16th [CLOSED - THANK YOU]

Tm holds a forever love to educating oneself. With over a decade in life skills, he considers himself a recognized “social experiment” by founding one of the fastest growing small business web development enterprises to one of the most recognized and only directories in its sector. Tm has been involved in various projects and initiatives + organized over 32 events to date around entrepreneurship for creative professionals and aspiring startups. Tm has held various positions and worked with abundant number of industries. However; what he is constantly recognized for and complimented is his skill in putting the right people on the job; providing a resource to a problem and being the creative and technical director to many. That said, Tm currently holds 3 titles; Chief Creative/Technical Director at pylot st.; Co-founder/ Creative Director & Director of padpholio and the Director & Founder of Cg6 Inc. He provides crowd experience consulting on the side and manages a blog or two.  


  • Monday, April 16th [CLOSED - THANK YOU]

Trevor founded ICONICA Communications in September 2002 and has grown it into a service oriented company focused on helping it’s clientele exceed their sales and meet their business goals. After completing Graphic Design he continued to focus on a career within the print and marketing industry over the past 12 years. Iconica is a design, print photography and web hot house that helps its clients create, maintain or improve their visual identity and increase sales.


  • Tuesday, April 17th [CLOSED - THANK YOU]
  • 1500-1545 | Show Your Book with Diego Casco ($18.00) Sold Out
    Creative Director, Casco Design & Communications
  • 1600-1645 | Show Your Book with Diego Casco ($18.00) Sold Out
    Creative Director, Casco Design & Communications
  • 1700-1745 | Show Your Book with Diego Casco ($18.00) Sold Out
    Creative Director, Casco Design & Communications
  • 1800-1845 | Show Your Book with Doreen Colonello ($18.00) Sold Out
    Design Director, Entro | G+A
  • 1900-1945 | Show Your Book with Doreen Colonello ($18.00) Sold Out
    Design Director, Entro | G+A
  • 2000-2045 | Show Your Book with Doreen Colonello ($18.00) Sold Out
    Design Director, Entro | G+A
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Friday, April 20, 2012
3:00pm to 9:00pm EST

Secret Location: Announced via Email
Yonge & Queen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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