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From The Front - Back To The Front

Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 3:00pm
Università di Bologna
  • Alessandra Franchini
  • Andrea Fraccaroli
  • Alessandro Colla
  • Andrea Giannangelo
  • Alessandro Calvaresi
  • Andrea De Carolis
  • Alessandro Polidori
and 169 others are attending.
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Back to the Front is a one day Front End Conference organized in Cesena by From The Front with the support of the University of Bologna.

Jeremy Keith - One Web

The range of devices accessing the web is increasing. We are faced with a choice in how we deal with this diversity. We can either fracture the web by designing a multitude of device-specific silos, or we can embrace the flexibility of the web and create experiences that can adapt to any device or browser.

Lea Verou - CSS3 Secrets: 10 things you might not know about CSS3 

By now most of you know how to use the popular new CSS3 features in your stylesheets, to embed custom fonts and easily create rounded corners, drop shadows, and scalable designs with media queries. However, below the surface, there are many other things that CSS3 brings and most web developers have never heard of. In this talk Lea will present many CSS3 features that are useful but underrated, as well as uncommon ways of utilizing the CSS3 features you already know about, in order to do much more with even less images and code.

Pierre Spring - Speedy App: Frontend Performance Considerations

There are many tricks to make your frontend faster. Reduce reflows, use web workers for big number crunching, use local variables rather than looking up the scope chain. We frontend people are in total control of these optimizations and they are easy to apply. But the most important performance optimizations lie somewhere in between the backend and the frontend. They have a lot to do with how the HTTP standard is specified. And they are often ignored, because neither backend people nor frontend people really feel concerned. In this talk we'll study parts of the HTTP standard and look how we can take action of this knowledge to massively speed up our web applications. If you haven't read Steve Souders first book «High Performance Web Sites», Pierre seriously urges you to go and listen to this talk!

Alberto Brandolini - Software and all that comes with it

Developing a software application is not only writing code. Delivering working code on-time and on-budget is not sufficient to beat the competition. And your product is no more just a piece of software. Agile and Domain Driven Design put continuous learning in the hot spot: How can we develop a better product? Can we do it fast? In this talk, Alberto Brandolini proposes that what is needed is a different approach encompassing all different aspects of product development, and specifically targeting learning at all levels.

Francesco Fullone - Your browser, your database

Complex applications need a persistent database to store, search and join data: till now a dedicated server was needed to do this, and no offline usage of the app was possible. With the introduction of HTML5 and the concept of Web Databases, we don’t need an external server anymore: everything is stored within the user browser and thus the web app can be used offline as well as online.

Fabio Forlivesi - Web Application Security

Introduction to Web Application, Security Definition of computer,  security and the CIA paradigm, Types of attacks on Web Applications, How to protect your system against attacks, Finally...


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We will have 3 workshops in the morning and the conference in the afternoon.

DISCLAIMER: From the Front events are usually free and we want to continue on this path, but we need to collect 10 euros from each of you because of the limited space we have for the conference: we noticed that if we go totally free a lot of people claims to be there and then does not show up. That would be a pity with such great speakers: we want the people who really wants to be there to be able to actually be there.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Università di Bologna
Via Sacchi 3
Cesena, 47521, Italy

177 people have decided to attend so far.

  • Agata Cruciani
  • Alessandra Franchini
  • Alessandro Calvaresi
  • Alessandro Cinelli
  • Alessandro Colla
  • Alessandro Mencarini
  • Alessandro Polidori
  • Alessandro Ruzzon
  • alice pignatti
  • Andrea Bianchi
  • Andrea De Carolis
  • Andrea Fraccaroli
  • Andrea Giannangelo
  • Andrea Mancini
  • Andrea Panisson
  • Andrea Pigato
  • Andrea Pinotti
  • andrea venturi
  • Andrea Verlicchi
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