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Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival

Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 1:30pm
Innis Town Hall
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The Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival presents four programs of short films created by local emerging filmmakers from the Greater Toronto Area.

BORDERS AND BARRIERS (1:30pm) is a collection of short films that depict individuals and their interaction with locations and spaces and how it affects them socially and culturally.

Lineup includes: Oil and Water by Ben Brommell, Sarah by Ciiku Thuo, Imodda: Desert's Voice by Caitlin Rodger, Secondhand Creation by Annie Tung, Diaspora by Aadhi Vive, Catnimation by Francisco Park, Cunt by Sara Cabrera-Aragon, Snow Trees by Alex Kingsmill, Symphony of a Metropolis by Vincent Pun, Hope by Caine Chow (Special Sponsor Presentation).

BLURRED REALITIES (3pm) showcase works about the imagination, mental space and the concept of layers in meaning.

Lineup includes: Thot by Jamie McMillan, Deadlights by Aidan Jeans, Felix by Joel George, Anxious by Abeer Qa'aty, Picture Me by Natasha Ivanco, Colour Me by Safa Minhas, Marianne by Alex Kingsmill and Damien by Daegan McNeany.

NERVE ENDINGS (4:30pm) is our equivalent to a "midnight madness" program.  Described by programmer Jeff Tran as the "cayenne pepper" of the festival, it may not sit well in your stomach if you are the faint of heart, depicting stories of suicide, murder, serial rapists and even a zombie!

Lineup includes Leaving a Pretty Corpse by Chris Moreira, Inkling by Shawna Steele, Milk and Honey by Marshall Lau, The Murdered Innocence by Abeer Qa'aty, Roofies and Romance by Cody Campanale and Possession by Daegan McNeany.

UPS AND DOWNS OF HUMAN INTERACTION (6pm) is our program of traditional narratives that deal with family and loved ones.

Lineup includes Flashes by Karen Forhan (Special Presentation), Unwind by Anne Douris, My Brother's Keeper by Ally Rheaume, Optimistically Ended by Natasha Ivanco, Speechless by Tanya Hoshi, Eve by Sabrina Moreno and Bad Luke by Matthew Yipchuck.

*All attendees must be aged 18 or older as mandated by the Province of Ontario under the Ontario Film Classification Act.  All sales are final.  No refunds will be given for purchases.

  • Borders and Barriers ($8.00) Sold Out
  • Blurred Realities ($8.00) Sold Out
  • Nerve Endings ($8.00) Sold Out
  • Ups and Downs of Human Interaction ($8.00) Sold Out
  • Festival Screening Pass - access to all four screenings ($20.00) Sold Out
  • Awards Gala (sales ended) ($20.00) Sold Out
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Innis Town Hall
2 Sussex Ave.
Toronto, ON, M5S 1J5, Canada

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