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MI UPA Event: Designing for the Multi-Device-Owning, Attention-Short, Hyper-Connected Consumer

Thursday, April 21, 2011 at 6:30pm
Cengage Learning
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The rapid pace of technology innovation is having a significant impact on consumer behavior both in the way information is consumed and how individuals communicate with one another. Individuals today are leading extremely scheduled and hectic lives. With technology now providing “access anywhere” the lines between work, family and leisure are becoming more and more clouded.

This talk will focus on several emerging trends that demonstrate how consumers are interacting with companies in new ways online and in the real world. This is about giving companies practical advice on how to make sure they are creating a seamless and intuitive experience that will appeal to the consumer of today... who is browsing from many different devices, who has limited time, and who demands useful tools and engaging experiences to help them make better purchase decisions.

Marta Strickland spends her days at MRM keeping up on emerging trends, partnering with next-generation technology companies on research studies, performing exhaustive test and learning methodology to what is upcoming (augmented reality, semantic web, pervasive computing) and rethinking how businesses use what has already "emerged" (mobile, social). The goal is to continually push what is possible out of General Motors’ web-enabled platform to serve the consumer needs of today and of the future.


6:00 PM — Networking
6:45 PM — Announcements
7:00 PM — Speaker
8:30 PM — Wrap up and more networking

  • Student ($5.00)
  • Michigan Usability Professionals member ($10.00)
  • All others ($20.00)
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cengage Learning
27500 Drake Rd.
Farmington Hills, Michigan, 48334, United States of America

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