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IxDA Interaction '11 Redux

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 6:00pm
Ziba Design Auditorium
  • Adam Sirkin
  • austen angell
  • Alanna Brown
  • Andrea Burton
  • Alexis Peterka
  • Andrew Pouliot
  • Amy Hillman
and 147 others are attending.
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Did you miss last month's Interaction '11 conference in Boulder? Did you attend, and want to get a refresher on what you learned there?

Come join us for an evening of conference review at Ziba's 200-person auditorium in the Pearl District. Highlights include projections of selected conference talks, analysis by attendees, some great networking, and a live redux of Carl Alviani's presentation "Explaining IxD to the Outside World." 

You'll also be able to join the rest of the Portland IxD community in conversation, music and snacks and beverages, provided by local sponsors ISITE, WebVisions, Vertigo, Small Society and Ziba.

Seats are limited, so make your reservation now.


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ISITE Design



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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ziba Design Auditorium
810 NW Marshall Street
Portland, OR, 97209, USA

155 people have decided to attend so far.

  • Aaron Parecki
  • Adam Sirkin
  • AJ Austinson
  • Alanna Brown
  • Alexis Peterka
  • Allison McGuire
  • Al Rogers
  • Amber Case
  • Amy Hillman
  • Andrea Burton
  • Andrea Gingerich
  • Andrew Pouliot
  • anibal casso
  • Anne de Ridder
  • austen angell
  • Autumn Rouse
  • Barbara Holmes
  • Becky Wilberding
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