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Ignite Toronto 5 — Global Ignite Week

Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 7:00pm
Drake Hotel
  • Amanda Vanzante
  • Adrian Muscat
  • Alexei Golob
  • Amanda Billark
  • Alisa kim
  • Allison Prieur
  • Ann Poochareon
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Ignite Toronto 5 — Global Ignite Week

Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen Street West

Doors open at 7pm, Ignites start at 8pm sharp.


For more information about Ignite Toronto:

Joe Clark

“Why can’t computers read the Goof sign?” It’s a story of writing direction and computers’ insistence that every single line of text run from left to right even if it doesn’t.

Ryan Varga

Design & the evolution of the shopping cart. Ryan is a filmmaker currently undertaking a Masters degree in Environmental studies at York University. His research focuses on cultural narratives & practices around ubiquitous computing. Today he will discuss the design and evolution of something else ubiquitous: the shopping cart

Johanne Durocher

We’re looking at Canadians’ shopping habits from a brief historical overview to where we are today in large urban centres and remote settings: whether internet shopping has taken over the store outpost in small communities, and how fashion trends are/aren’t adopted widely in Canada because of the sheer vastness of our nation and/or regional differences. I’d also like to tie in with American retailer Target landing on the Canuck scene and how this shapes our retail and economic landscape.

Cassie McDaniel

I’d like to present the article I wrote for A List Apart – Design Criticism & the Creative Process: I think it would go over well in bite-sized chunks with some practical pointers for interpreting criticism. I’ve been writing about, and thinking about, the challenges of design collaboration on multiple forums for awhile now and believe there needs to be more dialogue about what we can do to help each other out.

Robert Pel

The pro’s and cons of kilts.

Ramona Pringle
We all have our own Hero’s Journey – a personal quest of self discovery – searching for meaning and the secrets to success in life, love and work. For the past 8 months, seeking out this sage wisdom has been the focus of my work… Only instead of consulting the usual guides like therapy and religion, I’ve turned to video games, specifically, World of Warcraft. Somewhere along this journey, through my hundreds of interviews with gamers, combined with classical archetype studies and psychological personality traits, I’ve devised a guide to what your avatar reveals about your true character.

Graeme Boyce

Over ten years ago, I was researching ancient civilizations. Among other things, I found out there really was a flood. I found out that we in the western part of the world have history all wrong. We believe that first were the Egyptians, then the Greeks, the Romans and – poof – here we are today. I found out the Egyptians could not have simply arose along the side of the Nile to build at right angles in alignment with the stars. However, before the Egyptians, we teach our children there were cavemen, who said ‘ug’. I started to connect the dots backwards in time throughout the Neolithic and I think (if I were to package a presentation such as you suggest) the audience would totally be amazed. Over the years, I tried to convince people in tv land that this would make great content… but you know how it goes. So I do the research for fun these days.

Mike Tissenbaum

I’m passionate about changing the way we think about education and how we can leverage emerging collaborative technologies to engage students collectively rather than as static individuals. The classroom of the future should be a dynamic place where students are actively engaged in the development of the learning rather than being passive recipients of teacher lectures. By effectively developing these technologies we can not only break teaching out of traditional modes of instruction but we can provide teachers with the tools to better adapt to the real needs of the students in the class rather than being forced to simply deliver canned lectures. I’d love the opportunity to highlight some of the advances in this field and where I predict we’ll be in the near future.

Jason Sao Bento
Can game design coexist with interaction design?

Andrew Peek

The Future in 5. Web trends just over the horizon, explained with simple analogies and sometimes silly anecdotes. This is what I do (make bets on where stuff is going), and hence, why I’m passionate about it.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drake Hotel
1150 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

190 people have decided to attend so far.

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  • Adam Schwabe
  • Adrian Muscat
  • Ainsley Sparkes
  • Alan Fong
  • Alan Nowogrodski
  • Alexei Golob
  • Ali Juma
  • Alisa kim
  • Allison Prieur
  • Allison Prieur (Guest)
  • Amanda Billark
  • Amanda Vanzante
  • andrea ciurria
  • Andres Aquino
  • Andrew Newton
  • Andrew rudson
  • Angela Schermaul
  • Ankur Patel
  • Ann Poochareon
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