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Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Communitech Hub
  • alex hoff
  • amir shabani
  • Andrew White
  • Andrew Teeple
  • Adam Overing
  • Andrew Lohbihler
  • Anson MacKeracher
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What the heck is a StartupCamp?

Want to share the joy of starting up? StartupCampWaterloo started as an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.

For the 10th one we decided to change it a little.

For the 10th StartupCampWaterloo it will be held down the new Communitech Hub in downtown Kitchener. There is a new presentation space outfitted nicely with tech from Christie Digital and most importantly offers us a chance to have some good food and beer at the event. To cover the cost of food we change the ticket structure a little:

  • Startups and students, its free
  • Service groups - there are a lot of great lawyers, accountants, consultants, and funders around town. Show your support and we will make sure everyone knows you are there and want to talk to startups.
  • Supporter - would you like to do a bit more to support StartupCampWaterloo and would like your logo up on the wall? This level of ticket will do that. 
  • Sponsor - those are handled by emailing That will get you a logo always up on the wall and lots of thanks from everyone for making the event that much better.
  • Chris Theissen ticket - this is a $10 ticket that will go directly to a local Startup guy ( that is currently battling an aggressive form of brain cancer. Please get a free ticket as well so we can track numbers better. More info at the bottom and on the blog.

The format

Departing from our much more ad-hoc events at the Accelerator Centre, Startups that are presenting are pre-selected and will get a chance for a little coaching before hand. They will have 5 min for their pitch, 5 min to demo, and 5 min for questions. There will be lots of time for networking in-between.

We will also have a community intro slot. Early stage companies that are present will be 60 seconds to say who they are and what they would like to talk to folks about. Looking for a possible 15 folks interested in doing that. Fill out the form if you are interested.

Opening speaker

Saul Colt - the smartest man in the world.

Why the change?

With the new space and the buzz in the community we wanted the 10th event to be bit of a celebration of the startup community locally as well as a venue for 6 solid startups to show off their stuff. Plus it is Communitech's Entrepreneur week that week and the last two years we have seen attendance really jump during that week. The larger venue along with a bit more organization is in response to that.

The next two StartupCampWaterloo's will go back to the ad-hoc event we have come to know and love in the last 9 unless there is overwhelming demand for a higher profile event more regularly.

I want to present

Please send an email to if you would like to present in the 10 min slot.

Thanks already to...

We already have to thank Communitech and KPMG for pledging their support early on and making this larger event a lot easier to get planned. Gowlings and BMO have also stepped up to bring the sponsors to a total of 4.

Supporters include Freshbooks and Rogers Ventures so far! Thanks all!

A little community support for a local startup guy

A local startup guy with a young family, Chris Theissen (, is currently battling a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer and is at the point where he needs to resort to more expensive treatment if he has a chance to live. This is putting a big financial strain on his young family (2yr old and a newborn) and we would like to ask the Waterloo Region startup community help out. Buying a Chris Theissen ticket will go directly to Chris.

  • Startup (Free)
  • Student (Free)
  • Supporter ($255.00)
  • Service organization ($51.00)
  • Chris Theissen ticket to support Chris (info at the bottom) ($10.20)
  • Sponsor ($510.00)
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
5:30pm to 8:30pm EST

Communitech Hub
151 Charles Street West
Kitchener, ON, Canada

197 people have decided to attend so far.

  • Abid Hassan-Ali
  • Adah Trabulsi
  • Adam Overing
  • Adam Toenjes
  • Alex Dilts
  • alex hoff
  • Alex Matan
  • Alex Raben
  • ali tehrani
  • Amina Gilani
  • Amir Shabani
  • amir shabani
  • Andrew Finkle
  • Andrew Lohbihler
  • Andrew Teeple
  • Andrew White
  • Aneil Singh
  • Annika Martins
  • Anson MacKeracher
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