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RailsCamp New England 2013!!!1111oneoneone

September 27-30, 7pm to 9am
Maine Mountain View House
  • Mark Sobkowicz
  • Michael Dupuis
  • Doug Yun
  • Adam Bair
  • Luke Thomas
  • Justin Bond
  • Allen Madsen
and 24 others are attending.
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Rails Camp New England is a weekend unconference that pits 35 developers against the harsh Maine wilderness...

Just kidding! We rent a ski house on a lake and have wifi, it's pretty cush. The fridge will be stocked with beers, brunch and dinner will be provided, there will be a projector setup, and everyone will be playing around on their laptops; presumably programming or playing FPS.

This isn't necessarily a Rails-centric event and we welcome programmers of any skill level.

Make sure to bring: laptop, chargers, power strip, clothes, toiletries, towel, sleeping gear, headphones, snacks, preferred beverages, swimwear if you want to jump in the lake, and anything else you'll need to survive in a ski house for the weekend. 

There is a convenience store right around the corner if you get the munchies.

There will be lake-side activities including nightly bon-fires (weather permitting) and games of warewolf.

If anyone is interested I'm thinking of putting on a RailsRunner 5k that weekend as well, those who want to participate will have to donate to charity. I'm thinking Rails Bridge but am welcome to suggestions.

So smoke me a kipper skipper, I'll be back for breakfast.

Find our mailing list here: Rails Camp New England (Google Groups)

And make sure to tell all your friends to sign up!

  • RailsCamper ($150.00)
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September 27, 2013 to September 30, 2013
7:00pm to 9:00am EST

Maine Mountain View House
2 Main Street
Bryant Pond, Maine, 04219, United States

32 people have decided to attend so far.

  • Adam Bair
  • Alex Berry
  • Allen Madsen
  • Brian Cardarella
  • Chris Bond
  • Dan Pratt
  • Dmitri Zagidulin
  • Doug Yun
  • Dylan E Cashman
  • Greg Jones
  • Heath Ritchie
  • Jacob Thomas
  • Jim Albano
  • Jiyeon Woo
  • Johnny Boursiquot
  • Justin Bond
  • Kristof Redei
  • Luke Thomas
  • Mark Sobkowicz
  • Michael Dupuis
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