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Sam Kieth: Samplings and Dabblings Catalog Signing

Saturday, April 27, 2013, 11am to 2pm
Cartoon Art Museum
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San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum is currently hosting a retrospective exhibition celebrating the art and imagination of Sam Kieth, one of the most innovative comic book artists of the past quarter-century.

In celebration of this incredible collection of work, the Cartoon Art Museum is publishing a full-color, 80-page exhibition catalog spanning his entire career from his earliest work-for-hire projects through creator-owned projects like The Maxx and Zero Girl to his most recent artistic endeavors, including many never-before-published paintings and drawings from Sam's sketchbooks.  The catalog includes an exclusive interview with Sam conducted by Cartoon Art Museum Curator Andrew Farago, and Sam claims that this will be his absolute final career-spanning interview. 

The design firm of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners has donated its efforts to the creation of this catalog, and IDW Publishing has generously agreed to print Samplings and Dabblings for the Cartoon Art Museum.

For more information about Sam Kieth and the Cartoon Art Museum's exhibition, please read on:

Samplings and Dabblings follows the ongoing artistic journey of California native Sam Kieth, from Morpheus to Marvel to Maxx to…Trout?

In 1987, Kieth collaborated with neophyte comic book writer Neil Gaiman on the first issues of a new series called The Sandman, designing the iconic new version of the classic DC Comics character.Kieth left the book after its initial story arc to team up with frequent collaborator William Messner-Loebs on the historical satire Epicurus The Sage.

In the early 1990s, Kieth took on a number of high profile freelance assignments, including a fan favorite run drawing Wolverine for the anthology series Marvel Comics Presents.When that assignment wrapped up, Kieth took Jim Lee up on an offer to try his hand at a creator-owned book for the newly-formed Image Comics, and The Maxx was the result.

Kieth’s inventive graphics and original characters (aided and abetted by scripter William Messner-Loebs during the first 20 issues) won over many fans and caught the attention of MTV, which developed an animated version of The Maxx for the short-lived series Oddities.The artist has been in and out of comics since the conclusion of The Maxx, with a mixture of creator-owned works for publishers including WildStorm, Oni and IDW and work-for-hire projects for DC and Marvel.

In addition to his well-known (and occasionally not well-known) comics work, Samplings and Dabblingsalso examines the paintings, comics and sculpture that comprise Kieth’s ongoing “Trout-a-verse” project.

In the same way, in all my stories, I’m trying to have compassion for these characters who’ve been through hell, or who’ve put themselves through hell, and are, in some way, all alter egos for me. So whether work-for-hire or creator owned, the themes are all continuous in my work. Some of the characters are owned by evil conglomerates, others are just waiting to be picked off by evil conglomerates, and some of them are so weird that no evil conglomerate wants to touch them with a stick…but they’re all part of one, giant ‘Sam-story.’” –Sam Kieth

Descriptions of the various ticket levels follow:

<<Please note:  If you are a Cartoon Art Museum member or if you wish to purchase multiple copies of the catalog, please send an e-mail to to get a special discount code!>>

Sam Kieth:  Live!:  Pick up your catalog at the Cartoon Art Museum on Saturday, April 27 between 11am and 2pm and Sam Kieth will sign it in person!  You can bring up to five additional items with you, but Sam will sign as many catalogs as you purchase.  This option includes admission to the Cartoon Art Museum, where you can check out Sam's original art in our Samplings and Dabblings exhibition. 

The Maxx:  We'll ship an unsigned copy of the catalog directly to you!  (See Le Maxx for foreign orders.)

Magic Trout:  Sam Kieth: Samplings and Dabblings full-color exhibition catalog, signed and numbered bookplate edition, limited to 100 copies, mailed directly to you!  (See Le Trout Magique for foreign orders.)

Doodle Edition:  Sam Kieth: Samplings and Dabblings full-color exhibition catalog, Doodle Edition! Sam Kieth has agreed to draw...something in 25 copies of the exhibition catalog! We don't know what it's going to be, he doesn't know what it's going to be, but it's going to be something cool. Sam didn't want to promise a full-blown sketch, but you'll get an honest-to-gosh original Sam Kieth drawing in your copy of the exhibition catalog.  Foreign orders please add $15 for shipping and handling.

  • Sam Kieth: Live! ($27.00)
    Pick up your catalog at CAM and get it signed by Sam Kieth on April 27!
  • The Maxx ($27.00)
    Unsigned catalog mailed to your home address
  • Magic Trout ($60.00)
    Limited bookplate edition, mailed to your home address
  • Doodle Edition ($150.00)
    Limited to 25 copies. Foreign orders please contact us for shipping prices
  • Le Maxx ($40.00)
    Unsigned catalog mailed to your home address, for foreign orders
  • Le Trout Magique ($75.00)
    Limited bookplate edition, mailed to your home address, for foreign orders
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Saturday, April 27, 2013
11:00am to 2:00pm PST

Cartoon Art Museum
655 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA, 94105, USA

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