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Dean's House Concert: Songstress, Poet & Cellist

Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 7:30pm
Dean Shivji's Home
  • Christina Barnes
  • Holly Grinvalds
  • Brooke Monette
  • Clayton Dignard
  • Karen Williams
  • Catherine Young
  • Amanda Cottreau
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This very special house concert is something completely outside of the monthly Home Routes concert series. Ottawa Singer/Songwriter - Amanda Cottreau, Spoken Word Poet - Brandon Wint & Solo Cellist Virtuoso - Raphael Weinroth-Browne present and evening of love, light and pure passion in the heart of Little Italy. Featured visual/fine artist of the month is Yana Yablonovsky.

Home Routes shows will resume in February thru April. Door charge will remain at the usual $20 with a sliding scale to $10 for students, seniors, fixed income. ALL FUNDS GO TO THE ARTISTS. Seating capacity is limited to 55-60 people. Doors open at 7pm. BYOB, towel & swimsuit. Hot tub will be open after the show.

Over the years, this melody seamstress has been refining her hauntingly beautiful brand of folk, elevating sadness to triumph and desolation to celebration. As haunting and striking as the sculpted inlet of the Bay of Fundy, Amanda's voice has begun to garner attention in the international independent music scene. In August 2012, Toronto's Instinct Entertainment took notice and placed the track "Couldn't Wait", from her recently released EP "Universe in a Soft Shell," in a Degrassi episode and featured it on Much Music.

Brandon Wint is an Ottawa based writer and performer of spoken word poetry. Since discovering his aptitude for spoken word in March of 2008, Brandon has dedicated his life to uncovering the inherently beautiful and poetic elements that exist in every part of life. As a poet, he is also deeply influenced by the stories and images that explore the human condition. He is therefore often compelled to investigate the themes of mortality, confusion, love and fear in his writing. Brandon has been a member of two National Championship winning poetry slam teams, and has toured the country extensively as a performer.

A cellist with a broad and eclectic repertoire that ranges from the Baroque period to the twentieth century, from the Britten solo cello suites to the Romantic concerto, and from the Cholera progressive death metal to the Indie ballad, Raphael Weinroth-Browne has well earned the title of Virtuoso. To his credit he has released two independent Metal albums under the banner Cholera and has worked with a number of emerging artists: Amanda Cottreau, Argus Panoptes, Dry River Caravan, The Three Little Birds, THISISTWIGG, and Woods of Ypres.

Growing up s a child in old Communist Czechoslovakia was very safe and pleasant for Yana until she become an young adult and realized the hardship of the country and it's beautiful people. Since a little girl Yana was in love with someone or something and she transformed these feelings onto a canvas. In 1989 she become a refugee of a Communist regime and arrived to Canada in 1990. Her latest success was the show at the National Art Gallery of Canada. Lately she focuses on a Figurative art, where she feels her strength. Yana dedicated her life to beauty and positive living, and immersed herself into creating.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dean Shivji's Home
49 Louisa Street
Ottawa, Ontario

45 people have decided to attend so far.

  • Aimee Burb
  • Amanda Cottreau
  • Andrea Kory
  • arty piatrou
  • Brian Cheung
  • Bridget Vickers
  • Brooke Monette
  • Bruce McCaughey
  • Catherine McLenaghan
  • Catherine Young
  • Christina Barnes
  • Clayton Dignard
  • Daniel Lamarche
  • Dominique Vaillaincourt
  • Helena Escallon
  • Holly Grinvalds
  • Jocelyn Sweet
  • Karen Williams
  • Karin H
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