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MLRT presents: The Butterfly Project

Friday, February 8, 2013 at 6:00pm
Main Line Reform Temple
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6:00pm - Snack n' Schmooze

Gather before Services with fellow congregants to mingle & chat while enjoying wine, cheese & crackers for adults, and cookies & milk for children

6:30 pm - Shiru Shir Chadash - Sing a New Song - MLRT's Family Service

Bring in Shabbat with out innovative, fresh, musical Shabbat Family Service led by our 6th grade Religious School Students

7:30 pm - Shabbat Dinner

Partake in a delicious Shabbat dinner catered by Bryce's - open to all with pre-registration.  Please feel free to bring wine to drink with your dinner.

8:15 pm - Performance of "I Never Saw Another Butterfly" (6th grade and older including adults)

More than 15,000 children passed through Terezin Concentration Camp during the Holocaust; less than 100 survived.  Wolf Performing Arts Center honors the memory fo these children through The Butterfly Project with a touring production of this play, by Celeste Raspanti, based upon the book of the same name.  The Butterfly Project is educational theatre at its best - the cast of young actors serve as teachers of history and spread the message of hope and survival through art, poetry, music, and live performance.  This project illuminates vital lessons about diversity, the strength of the human heart, and the healing power of art.

8:15 pm - Awesome Shabbat Activity (5th grade and younger)

Enjoy a fun evening programming just for kids led by our own Ross M. Levy and Stephanie Schwartz!

9:30 pm - Oneg Shabbat

"Oneg" means "delight," so continue the delight of this Shabbat evening during our Oneg!

  • Adult Dinner ($18.00)
  • Children's Dinner ($9.00)
    (ages 5 - 13)
  • Young Children's Dinner (Free)
    (under 5 years of age)
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Main Line Reform Temple
410 Montgomery Avenue
Wynnewood, PA, 19096

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