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Ignite Waterloo 2

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 at 6:00pm
The Museum
  • Alisa McClurg
  • Andy Bauman
  • Ben Brown
  • Barbara Dao
  • Anum Syeda
  • Anna Beard
  • Annica Guhr
and 208 others are attending.
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Ignite Waterloo captures the best of Waterloo Region’s geek culture in a series of five-minute speed presentations on topics ranging from How to Solve a Rubix Cube to Hacking your Neighbourhood. Imagine that you’re on stage in front of an audience of hundreds of people, doing a five-minute presentation using a slide deck that auto-forwards every 15 seconds, whether you’re ready or not. What would you do? What would you say? Could you stand the pressure?

More informationis available at, or you can follow us on Twitter at @ignitewaterloo

Sneak Preview!

Here are 8 of the awesome talks that we have lined up for the event!

"Geek Music" - Peter Huang 
"Fort Mac and The 'Loo... A Tale of Two Cities" - Sunshine Chen
"Community, Cliques & Scenes" - Vince Jelenic
"Micro-Finance" - Cahill Puil
"The Evolution of Sex" - Angela Pause
"Myth-conceptions of Dubai and Abu Dhabi" - Renjie Butalid
"Computing project that advocates a paradigm shift in social change" - Tom Skazinski
"In a Roundabout Way" - Erica Waugh

  • Free Admission + Help Us Run The Event ($50.00)
  • Free Admission (Free) Sold Out
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Museum
10 King Street West
Kitchener, ON, N2G 1A3, Canada

216 people have decided to attend so far.

  • Adam Merrifield
  • Alexandre James
  • Alex Matan
  • Alisa McClurg
  • Alyssa Lindsay
  • Amy Vandenberg
  • Andrew Cowan
  • Andrew Lysyk
  • Andrew MacDonald
  • Andy Bauman
  • Anita Kilgour
  • Anna Beard
  • Annica Guhr
  • Ann-Marie Kong
  • Anthony Scian
  • Anum Syeda
  • Barbara Dao
  • Ben Brown
  • Ben Morris
  • Beth Whittle
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