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Gingerbread House Challenge: Booking form for Gingerbread House Builders

Sunday, December 2, 2012, 2:30pm to 5pm
Bewick Hall, Newcastle City Library
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Buy a ticket if you want to take part in the competition (build/decorate a Gingerbread House), one ticket is required per house.

This will be Newcastle's FIRST Gingerbread House Challenge to raise money for The Sick Children's Trust

We are going to construct a street of Gingerbread Houses - built and decorated by you!

All you have to do is: Build and decorate a Gingerbread House and bring it to the event

Make sure you have read the rules (which are also on our website


  • This is a Gingerbread House challenge, therefore the building must be built from gingerbread
  • You can use any gingerbread recipe you like- see Recipes, Templates & Videos for help & ideas
  • You can use Gingerbread House Kits - this is a construction & decoration competition
  • All structural parts must be made from Gingerbread
  • Everything on the cakeboard must be completely edible (sweet wrappers/lollysticks are acceptable)
  • Gardens/Landscaping is optional but must be within the board-dimensions.
  • Gingerbread Houses will be judged on their decoration (& construction)
  • All entrants must submit an entry form and pay the appropriate fee in advance of the event on 2nd December -you will be given a house number for the street.


  • Entries must be brought on a board sized 12ins x 10ins or 30cm x 25cm - this includes any exterior landscaping/gardens

Competition Entry Fees

Schools, Families, Amateurs (individuals/teams) £5.00 per house
Professionals (individuals/teams): chefs, bakers, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs £10.00 per house

We need to keep tabs on numbers (in case we're oversubscribed), which is why we want you to book & pay in advance, we can't guarantee we'll have room for you if you just turn up on the day.

You can enter the competition more than once (submit more than one gingerbread house) but you will pay additional entry fees.

On the day

  • All Gingerbread Houses must be on site before 3.15pm
  • Gingerbread Houses will be judged and a prize will be awarded to the best looking house in the street (in each category)
  • All Gingerbread House construction teams must be on site for prize giving at 4pm
  • After the winners have been announced - Gingerbread Houses will be dismantled and eaten by event participants (optional)

 As well as the Gingerbread House Challenge there will be other stalls and gingerbread man decorating (for the kids).

This information is also available on the event website

When your form & payment has been processed you'll be allocated a house number.

If you have any questions about entering - just ask Lisa email call 07794002175 or tweet @GingerbreadHC

  • Professional Baker (£10.00) Sold Out
    Teams/Individuals from pubs, hotels, restaurants, bakers etc
  • Amateur Baker (£5.00) Sold Out
    Individuals, Families, Teams, Schools
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Sunday, December 2, 2012
2:30pm to 5:00pm GMT

Bewick Hall, Newcastle City Library
Princess Square
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingsom

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