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Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 6:30pm to 9:30pm
The EBar
  • Brad C
  • Ben Morris
  • Albert O'Connor
  • Andy Best
  • Allan Hendriks
  • Andrew Dupe
  • Adam Merrifield
and 120 others are attending.
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This is still an entirely open event so you do NOT need a ticket to get in the door. In order to help us organize the evening, please sign up so we have an idea of numbers.

Who should attend?

Anyone in and around Guelph interested in software, the web and technology! Startup junkies, wage slaves, consultants, students, indie professionals, engineers, designers, money and marketing guys. If you want to see and talk about some interesting things, and get to know other people in the Guelph tech community, come on out! You don't have to demo to attend.

What could I demo?

The real question is, what would other people find interesting? A web app or cool piece of software you wrote, a neat prototype or project you were part of, even some obscure tool or weird hack you've found that others would find useful, astounding or entertaining. Commercial, open source, homebrew hack, whatever... if you can show it off in five minutes, and think it'll generate questions, conversation or feedback, come out and demo it!

Note: You do NOT have to demo to attend. If, however, you are interested in demo'ing, then contact Brydon with details of your demo for consideration.

Invited Speaker

Michael Litt, founder of local startup Vidyard will be speaking. Does it really matter what he's saying? You should be there regardless.

After Event Live Music

Kenny Phelps from The Speakeasies will turn a ragtag trio of unskilled musicians into a functioning real live rock band right in front of our eyes.


Our sponsors will be announced soon...Last event's lovely sponsors were..

More Info

The DemoCampGuelph site has all the more general event information.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
6:30pm to 9:30pm EST

The EBar
41 quebec street
guelph, on, canada

128 people have decided to attend so far.

  • Ada Barlatt
  • Adam Merrifield
  • Adam Smith
  • Alan Lukachko
  • Albert O'Connor
  • Allan Hendriks
  • Amina Gilani
  • Andrew Dupe
  • Andrew Durward
  • Andy Best
  • Ben Morris
  • Bob Millar
  • Brad C
  • Brett shellhammer
  • Brian Campbell
  • Brian de Alwis
  • Bruce McHendry
  • Bryan Schieck
  • Brydon Gilliss
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