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Mobeers 3 - The European Invasion

Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 6:15pm to 11pm
  • Albert O'Connor
  • Beer Hacker
  • Anson LeClair
  • Anton Polski
  • Alex Black
  • Anton Markov
  • Alex Kinsella
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At Mobeers 3: The European Invasion it's all about great mobile content and beers. Our goal is to bring you conference grade speakers from the mobile sectors and pair them up with great local craft beers. We'll also throw some food in for good measure.


- Doors open at 6:15pm
- Talks start at 7pm
- Networking 9'ish till close

Our speakers:

Peter-Paul Koch (PPK)

Peter-Paul Koch is a mobile platform strategist, consultant, and trainer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He specialises in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and browser compatibility.

He has won international renown with his [browser compatibility research](, frequently speaks at conferences, has founded [Fronteers](, the Dutch association of front-end professionals, and advises mobile and desktop browser vendors on their implementation of Web standards.

In 2009 he shifted from traditional desktop browsers and sites to [the mobile web](, and he never looked back. He discovered that mobile devices and browsers are in even more need of description than their desktop counterparts, and set himself to the task. On the Web he is universally known as ppk.

Currently he has about twenty mobile phones lying around on his desk. The one thing he never does with any of these phones is make a phone call.

Nikolai Onken

Nikolai Onken

Nikolai is co-founder of uxebu, living in Amsterdam. He's been working on projects such as the DojoToolkit, HumanAPI and has been developing cross-platform apps for mobile devices since the iPhone came out.
He is now working on Bikeshed, a beautiful JavaScript API + more to create amazing graphical content for the web and is building tools which make creation of graphical content easier with the mobile devices we have at hand.

Shawn McEwen

Shawn McEwen

Shawn McEwen (@shawnmcewen) is the Program Manager for Mobility at Desire2learn Incorporated. He is responsible for building a strategic community bridging innovation and collaboration between students and technology partners.  In  2012 he will recruit 100 apps to D2L and build out the organization's mobile strategy.   Shawn has ten years of experience in Enterprise Mobility at Sybase / SAP where he worked with Fortune 500 companies to define and implement mobile strategy. Shawn is a graduate of Conestoga College from Broadcasting and Television program. blog:

Desire2Learn is challenging developers to shape the future of education by building mobile apps that improve the experience of teachers, students and administrators. Over $75K  in cash and prizes. Grand Prize $25K cash and a chance to showcase your prototype to education thought leaders at our July user conference in San Diego .Choose your platform / device OR opt in using D2L's SDK , RIM's BB or Playbook, Sybase's SQL Anywhere or Motorola's Android Platform. More info:

The Breweries:

You can't have MoBeers without... you guessed it... awesome beer. The following great breweries will be on hand to talk about their products and provide all of us with some stellar brews:

StoneHammerThe Flying MonkiesSteam Whistle

Our Sponsors:

This event would not be possible without the generous help from our sponsors.

Gold sponsors


Silver Sponsors

Communitech AppsFactory

Bronze Sponsors

Desire2LearnPolar Mobilemonolith

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Nom Nom Treats

  • General Admission ($5.00) Sold Out
    Grants one admittance to MoBeers 3: The European Invasion
  • Gold Sponsor ($1,500.00) Sold Out
    Grants admittance for 5, room for 2 vertical banners and small booth
  • Silver Sponsor ($1,000.00) Sold Out
    Grants admittance for 2, room for 1 vertical banner
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    Grants admittance for 2, room for 1 vertical banner
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
6:15pm to 11:00pm EDT

10 King St W
Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 1A3, Canada

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  • Adam Allidina
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  • Alan Quarry
  • Albert O'Connor
  • Alex Babut
  • Alex Black
  • Alex Kinsella
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  • Amy Vandenberg
  • Anson LeClair
  • Anton Markov
  • Anton Polski
  • Artem Burmistrov
  • Attila Schmidt
  • Beer Hacker
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General Admission

Grants one admittance to MoBeers 3: The European Invasion

$5.00 Sold Out
Gold Sponsor

Grants admittance for 5, room for 2 vertical banners and small booth

$1,500.00 Sold Out
Silver Sponsor

Grants admittance for 2, room for 1 vertical banner

$1,000.00 Sold Out
Bronze Sponsor

Grants admittance for 2, room for 1 vertical banner

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