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Music Hack Day Toronto

August 10-11, 9am to 4pm
The Glass Factory
  • Andrew Malcolmson
  • Addison Cameron-Huff
  • Alex Karasyov
  • Adam Damelin
  • Akash Venkat
  • Adam Graham
  • Allison Janzen
and 174 others are attending.
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Music Hack Day is a hacking session in which participants will conceptualize, create and present their projects. Music + software + mobile + hardware + art + the web. Anything goes as long as it's music related.

This is the first time that Music Hack Day has come to Toronto! We're calling on all programmers, designers and artists to come and help us build the future of music.

Music Hack Day has been a great way to demonstrate the creativity around music that comes from the tech community, fostering cross-platform and cross-device innovation. 

The past three years have seen more than 20 Music Hack Day events taking place around the world. Starting in London, it has spread across the world to Berlin, Amsterdam, Boston, Stockholm, San Francisco, Barcelona, New York, Sydney and Montreal. 

MHD is a very exciting event, watching over 2000 participants taking part, building hundreds of hacks and with over 125 music and tech companies’ supporting the events. 


  • To fast prototype and create brand new music apps (web, mobile or physical) in just 24hrs.
  • To bring together the music industry and the developer community.
  • To highlight and showcase the platforms and API’s of companies working in and around music tech.
  • To foster cross-platform and cross-device innovation.


  • Taken place in 17 cities in different countries: London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Boston, San Francisco, Stockholm, Barcelona, Cannes, New York City, Denver, Philadelphia, Paris, Vienna, Reykjavík, Edinburgh, Sydney & Montreal.
  • Over 1.200 people taken part including developers and invited members of press/music industry.
  • Over 60 companies officially involved and associated with Music Hack Day.
  • Over 200 apps built during Music Hack Days, some of them launched commercially.

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    I am a hacker, I will create a music hack
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    I will not hack, but I would like to attend the demos on Sunday
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August 10, 2013 to August 11, 2013
9:00am to 4:00pm EDT

The Glass Factory
99 Sudbury Ave
Toronto, Ontario, M6J 3S7, Canada

182 people have decided to attend so far.

  • Adam Damelin
  • Adam Graham
  • Adam Meghji
  • Addison Cameron-Huff
  • Adil Sardar
  • Aidan Nulman
  • Akash Venkat
  • Alan Smithson
  • Alex Blom
  • Alex Karasyov
  • Alisha Kassam
  • Allison Janzen
  • Amanda Li
  • Andrej Patrman
  • Andrew Guay
  • Andrew Konoff
  • Andrew Louis
  • Andrew Malcolmson
  • Andrew Stevens
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I am a hacker, I will create a music hack


I will not hack, but I would like to attend the demos on Sunday

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